Our Story

The Essence of HMS Management was established long before the acquisition of its first commercial real estate property. The foundation of a company begins with a vision. The vision started with the first generation of the Patel Family, Harshad Patel, Mahendra Patel (MP), and Suryakant Patel (Sunny), in the early eighties. With humble beginnings chasing the ever sought out American dream, the Patel Family worked tirelessly at an independent motel property until they finally succeeded. After many trials and tribulations, they acquired their first economy property in Rialto, California in September 1992 laying the foundation for HMS Management.

The Eighties were a very challenging time for the Family how to operate a motel from ground–up. With no prior experience the task at hand was very time consuming and, at times, very grueling.  The early years for the First Generation consisted of working around the clock just to make ends meet.  Their hard work and determination to grow in the industry was relentless, which paved the way for the next decade.

With experience earned in the eighties, the first generation was equipped with vital skills to progress in the ever-changing world of commercial real estate.  Aforementioned, in the nineties the Patel Family acquired their first motel in Rialto, California. With a hands-on approach the family was able to turn around the property and increase its profits in the first year.  With this new success from the skill-set acquired, the Patel Family decided to make the move to Richburg, South Carolina to pursue an even greater business opportunity.

With the purchase of Days Inn in 1994 located in Richburg, the Patel Family began to realize their hard work was paying off.  The move to the southeast region was critical. It offered a unique market that was growing and had vastly more opportunities to expand their portfolio.  Through the Nineties and early 2000’s the Patel’s went on to acquire over 5 hotels in the Carolinas and 5 convenient store/gas stations. Though the hospitality industry was on the rise, it was booming at an overly exceptional rate. This raised a concern for the Patel’s. If history was any indicator, there seemed to be a down turn coming in the near future.  With this in mind, the Patel Family strategically planned and successfully sold the entire portfolio of hotels before 2006.  Simultaneously they shifted their focus to retail with gas station acquisitions for the next decade, which lead to a healthy growth of their portfolio throughout the Carolinas.

The next chapter begins with the second generation fully interrogated into the fabric of the Company. As a whole, they are well prepared to carry on the principles and values which the first generation established. The eldest of the second generation, Nilesh Patel, has been with the family business since 1997 after graduating from Winthrop University. He worked hand in hand working with the first generation to help establish the shift to retail.  The second, Pritesh Patel, has been with the family business since 1999 after graduating from UNC Charlotte. He has been essential in expanding the retail portfolio to what it is today. The third, Bhavin Patel, joined the family business in 2011 after obtaining his MBA focused in Management from Columbia University (NY). He brings invaluable work experience and insight of the hospitality industry from working with Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami, Florida.  The youngest and most recent addition, Jay Patel, joined the family business in January 2017 after obtaining his MBA focused in Corporate Finance and Investments from Winthrop University. He provides the awareness and strategy that bridges company strategic goals with financial discipline form gaining financial experiences from Waddell & Reed, Red Ventures, TriNet, and few other financial institutions in the Carolinas. With a concrete foundation and wealth of knowledge established by the first generation, the second generation looks to take the HMS portfolio to new heights.



To Be the Best Company by Providing Exceptional Experiences.



HMS Management aims to be the paramount Retail, Hospitality, and Investment company that earns the loyalty of its valued customers, brand partners, colleagues, and shareholders through exceptional experiences.


Guiding Principals

Teamwork: By working together as colleagues, treating each other with mutual respect and trust, we will all add to the Company’s overall success more productively than if we worked alone.  We will accentuate the sharing of responsibility, and recognition through a climate of teamwork.  “One for ALL and ALL for ONE”

Acting with Responsibility: We will actively participate in the improvement of our industry and environments, just as, we will be responsible of communities and organizations we represent.

Playing by the Rules: We will maintain honesty and integrity in both our internal and external relationships while delivering our commitments.

Delivering Value to Stakeholders: We are committed to being a growing Company.  Our successes and future growth will be best amongst industry standards by building a portfolio very purposefully and ideally positioned in various markets.